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Bikers for Christ Bikers for Christ

Who We Are


 Bikers for Christ is a SERIOUS 2-piece motorcycle ministry dedicated to bringing
Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world in a way only Christian bikers can do, through
motorcycling. We go out on the highways and byways, ministering to the biker
world, the people that mainstream society fears and ignores. 

Our lives may be the only glimpse of Jesus most of the M/C world may ever
see. We thank God He has given us the privilege of using our love of motorcycles
to enable us to share our passion, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, to those who
may never have had the opportunity or want to step foot into a church.

BFC is a ministry that serves the God of the Holy Bible, the only God, the Creator
of the universe, the Savior and Redeemer of mankind. We serve no other purpose,
person, philosophy, thing, government or power. Our dedication is solely directed to
our Lord; Jesus Christ. BFC is a ministry that uses the motorcycle as a media to
reach out to others. Motorcycling is the integral part of our physical lives which
brings us to those we are called upon to minister to, and indeed is the thing that
opens the door between our calling and the rest of the world. We support
motorcycling in it’s many forms, the culture which has developed around it
and the riders who are out on the road.



  • We Display "Colors" BFC M/M produces and distributes a distinct and trademarked back patch with top rocker, and other materials containing its logo to those individuals who have met the requirements of and been accepted as members of BFC M/M. The back patch and top rocker as well as all other BFC M/M logo items are and shall always remain the property of the BFC M/M. No object, patch, shirt or other product bearing our logo can be distributed to a non-member, other than items specifically designed as "support" items. No one is permitted to possess or wear the BFC M/M patch unless he/she is a current member in good standing. In the event membership privilege is suspended or terminated, the patch and all other BFC M/M items must be immediately surrendered to BFC M/M representatives. All BFC M/M members freely agree to this policy and also agrees that BFC M/M may use whatever legal means necessary to immediately regain their property if necessary. BFC M/M members remaining in good standing will be held harmless along with any third parties who are involved in regaining possession of BFC M/M property. The person whose patch and membership are being revoked will pay any and all costs, such as court costs, attorney fees and all litigation expense if there is a problem in regaining BFC M/M property.  All members are to remain in agreement with this policy.   
  • Proper Use Of Social Media No member at any time for any reason is to use social media to communicate personal opinions that are in conflict with the BFC M/M Charter or jeopardize the efficacy of BFC M/Mʼs ministries or good standing in the greater motorcycle community, that denigrate other motorcycle ministries, or mention, directly or indirectly, the name of any motorcycle club. If in doubt... leave it out. If you are not sure, ask your leaders. Any member who violates this trust will lose their good standing status and must surrender their BFC M/M patch and other items.  



  • Each Member Of BFC M/M Is Responsible For Their Own Actions Bikers for Christ (BFC) M/M will not be held responsible or liable, directly, indirectly or consequentially, for the actions of its members or other individuals. Each individual is responsible for his/her own actions and the consequences of those actions. This particularly applies to members who backslide, break any laws, or are involved in motorcycle or vehicle accidents. All BFC M/M members agree to hold harmless the organization of BFC M/M in the event the member is involved in any problems, crimes or vehicle accidents. BFC M/M is committed to a safe motorcycling and ministry experience and every precaution will be taken to that end, but motorcycle riding has inherent risks, and ultimately, each BFC M/M member must acknowledge his/her own limitations and his/her own responsibility in this endeavor. Accordingly, each BFC M/M member hereby agrees to hold harmless the organization of BFC M/M..  
  • As A Ministry We Also Support the Following Statements: “Motorcycle Clubs and Motorcycle Ministries Are Not Criminal Street Gangs”, and they should not be treated as such by the general public or authorities. We support the rights of Motorcycle Clubs and Motorcycle Ministries to free speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of association and assembly as guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution and Amendments thereto.

  • Conclusion BFC International Headquarters reserves the right to edit this document if and when necessary.